Herman's Project  #1:
'69 351 Windsor Heads, 302 bored to 306, 540 lift roller cam, 306 DSS Inline Pro Rotating Kit
with forged pistons, forged I beam rods, bearings with moly rings, race prepped crank,
DSS Billet aluminum main support tray, Crane Roller Rockers, 202 Intake, 160 Exhaust,  
190 LPH Fuel pump, 24lb injectors, 7Qt Moroso Pan,  installed in a 1990 GT
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1969 351 Windsor Heads
Machined Heads
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After Herman
Before Herman
Internal Motor Parts
over-rev damage and bent push rod
Herman working
Bent push rod from over-rev
over-rev damage
1990 GT
1990 GT
& After
Ford Pony
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