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Biker Dog - Shih Tzu in biker hat and t-shirt
New, with a few accessories,
but far from what she is today!
1998 Stock Dyna Wide Glide
Bingo's Bike
Dyna Wide Glide new inner primary installation
Dyna Wide Glide with new paint on rear fender
With the finished product almost at hand, I
anxiously waited to test the performance of the
new carb, ignition and exhaust.  
All the days of waiting to ride was further
delayed by what turned out to be the worst
winter and the rainiest spring in recent years.
But the day was fast approaching when she
could come home.
Home she ran and boy did she run!  
And sound good too!  And looks,
well, see for yourself...
Dyna Wide Glide rear fender custom paint with flames
Dyna Wide Glide chrome controls
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We will never forget!
1998 Stock Dyna Wide Glide
1998 Custom Dyna Wide Glide
1998 Stock Dyna Wide Glide
1998 Custom Dyna Wide Glide
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And Then The Custom Work Began...

With the desire for better performance and cleaner sound, my new
found mechanic, Rob, began to work his magic.  Starting with
Samson StreetSweeper pipes to replace the stock drag pipes, a
new Dyna 2000 ignition and a Mikuni 42mm Carb, my new ride began
to take shape.  Along with a few pieces of chrome, a new paint job
and some fine tuning,
she took on a look and feel that was both exciting and unfamiliar.   It
was just like getting to know her all over again.  Rob did a
remarkable job that was exactly what I was hoping for and more.  I
chose the colors and combination of paints; paint by
House of Kolor;
and Rob did the rest.  The design is his, exclusively.  
And so the transformation began...
In The Beginning...

I Purchased my 1998 Dyna Wide Glide (FXDWG) from Battley Cycles in Gaithersburg, MD.  
My salesman, Bingo, did not have a hard sell; all he had to do was let me hear her run and
he marked her sold.   I brought her home and added a few accessories, and rode her
hard.  Most everything on her was stock but she had a few pieces of chrome too.  I began
to meet more and more riders who had their own custom touches, went to a few shows
and swap meets and soon my bike began to take on a character and personality of her
own.  I met an awesome mechanic and custom painter who gave her a whole new look and
feel.  The difference it's made in her, I'm sure you'll agree, is one of beauty,
performance and sound that is untouched by any other bike I've owned!
The first time I went to visit her while she was gone, I hardly recognized her.  
Even still being far from done, she already had a different look.  With the inner
primary freshly dipped in chrome along with a chrome swingarm, bullet style
turn signals, relocation kit, smoked lenses, chrome switch housing, braided
cables, progressive shocks and a little lowering, gives her a much cleaner and
sleeker look. Chrome accessories are still being added as I continue to find
every possible and practical place to add it (as well as afford it).
Dyna Wide Glide completed custom overhaul
Dyna Wide Glide with new inner and outer primary
Dyna Wide Glide new swingarm installation
2001 Yamaha Road Star
Dyna Wide Glide in process of being customized
Dyna Wide Glide with new chrome swingarm
Dyna Wide Glide complete custom
Dyna Wide Glide tank side view with custom paint
Dyna Wide Glide front fender custom paint with flames
Dyan Wide Glide Chrome Odometer
Dyna Wide Glide Tank with custom paint
1998 Stock Dyna Wide Glide
Dyna Wide Glide with new custom paint
Dyna Wide Glide chrome controls
Dyna Wide Glide Chrome Triple Tree
Bingo's Pride
2001 Yamaha Road Star
Ford Racing Logo
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Along the journey, I learned a few things and gained appreciation
for those who take pride in their motorcycles, no matter what they
ride.  My neighbor, Ronnie, shares a love of motorcycles
and purchased a Yamaha Road Star, also from
Battley Cycles/Rockville Harley,
that has a beauty and style all it's own...
Like the paint?  
Check out
Rob's Custom Shop
What a transformation!   Photographs do not give her, or Rob, adequate justice.   
She is noticed by everyone who sees her either parked or on the road.   
The first response she gets by most is,  "What a beautiful paint job"  
and the second response is,  "WOW, she sure is clean."  
Her spotless appearance is the work of my wife.  
She averages 4-6 hours of polishing to give her the Showroom Touch.
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